A strange man from Belgium

from by The 2percent

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A tribute to Roland, - a genius, a visionary, a man famed for his pragmatism and frugalness


We know a strange man he’s from Belgium
Takes good care of his financial affairs
He’s thrifty; he’s mean and he seldom
Spends a penny on his household repairs
He appears to gain so much pleasure
From his wide range of DIY tips
And his favourite of all by any measure
A universal, all-purpose adhesive strip

If he can save any cash by cutting corners
Then he’s happy to do things that way
He considers himself a great reformer
Despite what the evidence says
If he could only persuade all the nations
Then he would kick this sad world into shape
But for now, his main preoccupation
The tensile properties of Duck tape

In a shed at the bottom of his garde
He conceals his sticky tape stash
He buys it in bulk by the carton
It saves him a little bit of cash
And he grabs every chance he gets to use it
You can’t imagine all the things that he mends
He takes extra care not to lose it
But if he did it would drive him around the bend

Yes he grabs every chance he gets to use it
You can’t imagine all the things that he mends
When he gets the urge he can’t refuse it
At least once everyday and twice at weekends

One day as he prepared for an appointment
He reached for his favourite footwear
Not the canvass ones in blue, - they’re too flamboyant
But the shiny, square-toed, oxblood pair
And as he slipped his feet into his footwear
The strange man he almost had a fit
The cause of his heart-rending despair
He’d noticed that somehow the leather had split

In a panic he went in such a hurry
To fetch a new roll of sticky tape
But he realised he needn’t have worried
As he applied the tape to the gape
The result of his work seemed tp please him
And he admired the shoes with a smirk
Now the shoe-menders guild of Sint Truiden
Are worried local cobblers will be out of work

The repair filled the man with such amazement
And the shoes they remained water-tight
He wore them for all social engagements
He wore them by day and by night
And to think that he hadn’t spent a penny
And his money had remained in the bank
The repair held fast so securely
He had the sticky Duck tape to thank


from A Strange Man From Belgium, released June 18, 2017
Charlie Barnes - Vocals
John Barnes - Guitar
Dan Pitaman - Guitar
Ian Barrett - Keyboard
Dave Shalloe - Bass
Dan Williams - Drums

Song written by John Barnes



all rights reserved


The 2percent London, UK

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